Personal Training

Why Private Lessons?

Believe it or not, most Students Want Private Lessons --- this opportunity to work one on one with your instructor will award you many benefits!

Naturally, everyone enjoys individual attention from their instructor, but there are many other reasons why you should participate in private lessons, and many benefits you will receive from them.
  1. Special Event or Rank Test Training. If there's a special event coming up, such as a tournament or belt test, we encourage you to schedule a few private sessions to prepare for the event. You may want to work on your kata to prepare for the big tournament. You may also want to run through the curricula with your instructor to assure yourself that you are properly prepared for your next rank testing.
  2. Fast Track Progress. It's a known fact that some students are naturally more athletically gifted than others. If this is you and you are receiving private lessons you will quickly find that you are capable of progressing faster than some other students, if properly challenged. You will want to progress faster, and private lessons offer the perfect opportunity to do so.
  3. Advanced Training. If you are an advanced student you are motivated to learn new skills. Private lessons would assist you with learning or perfecting more advanced techniques, such as a new or advanced kata. Private lessons are also a great way for you to perfect complex skills, such as complicated self defense moves. As an advanced student, private lessons will help you remain motivated and excited about your regular classes as well as your private sessions.
  4. Extracurricular Techniques or Courses. Private lessons are also a great opportunity for students to learn something that is not taught as a part of your regular curriculum. For example, we teach some weapons skills in short four week courses. If you are a student who wants additional training, or training in other weapons that we don't offer courses on, you should consider taking private lessons to learn and improve your weapons skills. We offer merit badges in several different weapons, but in some cases, the only method to gain the skills needed to successfully test for those badges is through private sessions with a qualified instructor.
  5. Fill in Missing Time. If you find that you are required to take some time off from your training; perhaps due to an extended vacation or recovery from an injury; you may find it difficult to return to class, as you may feel that you've fallen behind your peers. It is often more intimidating for students to return after an extended absence than it was to come in for their first class. Private lessons offer you the chance to catch up on material that you may have missed, which also makes it easier for you to get back into their your training routine.
  6. Overcome Fear or Lack of Confidence. Additionally, we find that students may desire private lessons as a way to build confidence and reduce fear. For example, a student who doesn't know a kata may be embarrassed and reluctant to participate in that aspect of class, especially when asked to perform in front of a group. Spending additional time with your instructor in a private lesson can help you learn the kata or other techniques without the self consciousness that comes with being in a group.

    Once you learn the kata well in the private lessons, your self confidence will grow. Many shy students will come out of their shells after a few sessions with the instructor.

    You may also be afraid of activities such as sparring. Private lessons can help alleviate that fear by allowing you to learn at your own pace in a non-threatening, controlled environment. Working on sparring techniques, combinations and movement can help prepare and give you the confidence that you need to participate in a sparring class with other students.
  7. Scheduling Conflicts. Private lessons are an important option for busy professionals whose busy or diverse schedules sometimes prevent them from attending regular classes on a set schedule, such as a surgeon who is often performing surgeries on short notice. These professionals can afford regular private lessons, if you're willing to accommodate their schedules.
  8. Parental Concerns. Sometimes it's not the student who wants the private lesson, but a concerned parent. Perhaps there are situations at school, such as bullying, where as a parent you want your child to be prepared and gain self confidence to deal with the situation. One on one sessions with an instructor can give your child the tools he or she needs to appropriately deal with a tough situation or a bully.

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