Frequently Asked Questions

Does having my child attend your afterschool program help him do better homework? What about his grades – do you think they will improve?
Yes, their homework will be better because of the increased focus they develop in martial arts which will also help improve their grades.

Why your program compared to other programs?
Our program is very structured and has been proven successful by hundreds of martial arts schools across the country.

How do I know that my child will be picked up safely and who is driving them?
Skilled drivers with excellent driving records provide transportation.

What if my child doesn't like martial arts?
Our martial art program is fun and exciting for everyone. We use many proven methods to keep the classes fun and exciting.

Will my child get hurt doing this? Will he be fighting?
Martial arts has a great safety record. It is safer than the majority of sports that children participate in at school. Fighting is not a word that is used in Martial Arts, unless used for explanation. Martial Arts is about self-defense and we practice the techniques to acquire this.

How old do they have to be?
Children can start at 4 years of age.

Introductory Offer!
Our introductory program is only $29.95 for two lessons!
Offer Includes a White uniform (DoBok) and 2 classes per week. It's a great value and anytime is a perfect time to get started! Call now or click here for more information.