When can I start?

New students can begin any day of the week. Please give us a call to schedule your orientation class which we offer before your first class.

What style of martial arts is taught at Chesapeake Martial Arts?

We teach Tae Kwon Do - A Korean Martial Art. We use the Karate word because of general acceptance of the word.

How often do I come to class?

In order for you to learn and retain the skills and to achieve the positive habits necessary to become physically fit, beginners are expected to attend classes two times a week for the first six months. After that you may decide to train more often. We'll talk more about that later on. For now, just get into the habit of coming to class twice-a-week ready to work hard and learn all you can.

When will I know when I am ready to test?

Each student will receive a form (test sheet) when ready to test. The requirements are in the student handbook (view here). Students must wear their full dobok (uniform) when testing.

Do students have to wear a uniform for testng?

Yes, students must wear full dobok (uniform) when testing.

Do students have to reach a certain level before they can compete?

Students may compete at all levels, white thru black belt. Students will always compete within their current belt level.

Do students have to reach a certain level before they can train in weapons?

Weapons training is an optional class for our black belt club members only. Weapons training is every Friday at no extra charge. You do need to purchase the weapon.

How do I join the Black Belt Club?

Joining is easy! All you need is the desire to become a black belt and to talk to Master Kim or Mr. Jim to get started.

What do the different colored stripes represent?

The Orange stripe is for succesfully demonstrating understanding of Korean terminology. The Red stripe is for when a student knows his or her form. The White stripe is for self-defense. The Blue stripe is for one step sparring. The Green stripe is for the final pretest.


Do I have to be in shape before I start training here?

One of the biggest misconceptions about studying martial arts is that you have to already be in shape to learn. Most students come to us looking to get in shape and to develop a healthy lifestyle by learning something interesting that they can do for the rest of their lives. Two months after you start you will feel so much better, you won't believe it.

So, how long does it take to earn my black belt?

Everyone progresses at their own pace, but the average time it takes to earn your black belt is around four to six years.

When should students bow?

Students should bow when entering the school at the front door and when entering dojang and leaving dojang. Students should bow towards instructors. Students should refer to the school handbook for more information on bowing.

Will my training give me the confidence to take more chances in life?

Definitely. Martial arts successes can be carried over into daily life. If, for example, you can see how you've accomplished breaking a board to earn your yellow belt, then why can't you go in and ask for a promotion at work? Understanding that you can accomplish what you set out to do is a great discovery achieved through consistent training.

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