Black Belt Club


Becoming a member of the Black Belt Club (BBC) demonstrates your commitment to your martial arts training and your intention to be an "A" student in Tae Kwon Do. You are putting the message out to others that you are a 100% committed student and very supportive of the school. You should set goals for yourself throughout your training. You should always be sponsoring new students.

A, B, C Qualifications

Attitude - cheerful, looking for the good
Belief in yourself - positive self talk
Commitment - regular attendance
Desire - ability to set and achieve goals
Energy - good effort in class

You will immediately receive a "Black Belt Club" patch, as well as a special Black Belt Club belt. YOUR Black Belt will be presented to you at your next promotional testing to be hung on the Black Belt wall in our do jang, representing the goal that you are working to achieve. This belt will have your name as well as your degree embroidered in gold! Other rewards for joining the Black Belt Club include:
  • Receive 10% discount on merchandise purchased at our school
  • No testing fees (except for Black Belt Test).
  • Belts will have a black stripe down the middle.
  • Permitted to wear black pants to class.
  • Receive discounts on special events being held at our school.
  • Eligible to participate in weapons classes.
  • Discounts on special events (i.e. sleepovers).

Introductory Offer!
Our introductory program is only $29.95 for two lessons!
Offer Includes a White uniform (DoBok) and 2 classes per week. It's a great value and anytime is a perfect time to get started! Call now or click here for more information.